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Patent Attorney Chicago

Patent Attorney Chicago

Every company is always looking for new alternatives to products or services to highlight and increase its profitability. In this development, there is the possibility that you or your team achieve that unique idea that can launch the business to the top.

If you can capitalize on an original idea, the wisest thing to do is to protect it. In this way, you will have exclusive rights for the use and exploitation of that development. However, keeping an innovative and lucrative invention safe is not a simple matter. That's why the best decision is to rely on the experience of an excellent patent attorney. It is essential that you understand what these professionals do, and why it is vital to have their support.

What is a Patent Attorney?

These professionals are lawyers who provide technical and legal support to individuals and businesses. The primary objective is to protect clients' original inventions and ideas. To achieve this, they must provide advice in all areas of intellectual property rights, nationally and internationally.

Which are the Functions of the Patent Attorney?

When you want to protect an invention, you need to comply with a series of procedures, which can be challenging for people without knowledge. The patent attorney has the experience to comply with all the legal requirements that allow a correct registration of your innovation.

A top-of-the-line patent attorney should not only have extensive knowledge of intellectual property law. Also, they must have sufficient understanding of the different fields of science and technology, as it is in these areas where most inventions tend to arise. This will allow them to interpret your plans and prototypes, to understand and categorize your inventions.

Another vital function of a patent attorney is giving the guidelines to clients about the commercial potential of their ideas, and what are the necessary procedures to make them profitable. If you wish to consult with the best patent attorney in Chicago contact us; Bill Nowakowski and his team will be pleased to assist you.

What to Patent and How to Do it?

Inventions can range from elementary concepts to complex mechanical systems, chemical products, or technological developments. For the Patent Office to consider granting a patent, one of these three conditions that your invention must meet:

  1. The design is new
  2. The idea is not obvious to someone who works in the area for which it is intended
  3. The invention has a practical use

For the patent examiner to hear your case, the attorney must draft a document supporting the origin, description, and scope of the invention. Then an examiner from the office will first consider whether your innovation meets the requirements to give course to your case.

Then the research process will begin to show that your idea is entirely original and that you are not copying someone else's intellectual property. Throughout that process, the attorney will support you with documents, requirements, procedures, and even handling objections. As a final result, you will be able to obtain a satisfactory record that protects the future of your idea and your business.

Need Assistance With Your Innovation?

If you have discovered that product that will revolutionize your industry, and you want the best patent attorney in Chicago to assist you in protecting your interests, Bill Nowakowski is ready to help you. Let us help you protect your intellectual treasure so that you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. Contact us.

Patent Attorney Chicago
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